American Standard Kitchen Sinks

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An American product offers the ultimate sense of pride in the United States. And that’s the reason American Standard has made a lasting impression in many consumers in the country. This company is so popular that it is very likely that you heard or used an American Standard product at some point in your life.

This company specializes on stainless steel among other materials and has for over 130 years become the ultimate household brand for the ideal stainless steel kitchen sink. That’s is why at least 3 in every 5 American homes prefer an American Standard stainless kitchen sink over any other brand.

American Standard Top Mount Sink

American Standard Under Mount Kitchen Sink American Standard Island Sink American Standard Kitchen Sink & Drain Board Choose an image to begin   Having passed the tests of time, American Standard also creates home solutions that also pass the test of heavy use by its customers. That is why their stainless steel sinks are the best so far in the industry, manufactured with 18-gauge thickness and capable of outliving many other appliances in any home. In fact, the stainless steel used in the manufacturing of all American Standard products are so durable that they can resist scratches, dents and stains. And since the company makes functional sinks, homeowners prefer them because they are able to do more in their kitchens, one main concern as consumers focus on healthy cooking.

An affordable stainless sink does not have to be boring and unattractive. Each and every kitchen sink in the American Standard catalog is made with the consumer in mind, each providing the perfect look for the everyday kitchen, from small to large, traditional and modern. For example, some of the best models stainless sinks made by the company are created with impressive curves and smooth lines, either for above the counter installation called self-rimming sinks and under the counter installation.

Regardless of your family size, you will find an American Standard sink that will fit your budget. For example, the company makes single and double-bowl stainless sinks. The company takes sink creation to the next step, making sinks that can be outfitted with great accessories, such as dish racks and colanders, transforming these simple sinks into real cooking workstations. And since each is made to meet current industry standards, installing an American Standard sink will not force you to replace your countertop. This is a great advantage for renovating your kitchen and keeping your budget under control. Also, these sinks are made to be self-installed, and so you will be able to save a great deal of money from your budget by not contracting professionals to do the job for you.

American Standard also creates small kitchen solutions such as the stainless steel island sinks, ideal for homes with spacious kitchens or home cooks that need that additional area where they can prep foods more efficiently. Also, all of these models work well with countertops made of stone, wood or even granite, allowing you to enjoy these stainless sinks anytime.

So, the next time you are looking to upgrade your kitchen withstainless steel kitchen sinks, dome American style. Install an American Standard stainless steel sink and you will feel proud of your selection.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker

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This micro-computerized Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker remains one of the best 10 cup rice cooker models when comparing great rice quality & performance all at a competitive price.

The unit can prepare up to 30 cups cooked white rice and features a fool-proof water level measuring gauge inside the inner bowl. In combination, the rice cooker also allows users to select from a variety of specific rice types which are white, sushi, brown, mixed, rinse free, and even porridge.

This process is simple and requires following the correct measuring guide along with the press of a few buttons.

The quality, flavor, and texture of the rice will be consistently moist and fluffy after each use. In addition, for cooking white rice, folks can choose from 3 different textures; regular, hard, or soft.

Zojirushi Fuzzy Logic is on Board!

What helps make the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker better than the average rice cooker is its micro-computerized internal monitoring, also known as Fuzzy Logic.

This means that instead of just simply boiling the rice, the unit will sort of “pay attention” on how the selected rice is cooking making fine temperature and cooking time adjustments when needed. This also makes up for slight errors in measurements.

Adding that along with a spherical inner bowl designed to distribute even heat assures that folks get an above standard batch of rice without the guess work…especially with brown rice which can be a challenge to get just right.

Another plus folks should find helpful is the programmable timer feature allowing folks to start the unit in the morning and having a bowl of moist ready-to-serve rice when returning from work.

This Fuzzy Logic rice cooker model comes with two measuring cups, (one for rinsing rice) a spatula, spatula holder which attaches to the back side of unit, and manual.

# easy to operate along with non-stick easy clean up
# retractable cord frees up clutter behind unit
# prepare great tasting restaurant quality rice
# programmable timer with clock LCD display
# offers several different rice cycles
# great keep warm mode holds rice moist for hours

# does not offer a steaming or slow cooking feature
# high price tag
# longer than average cook times
# internal battery requires replacement after an average of 4 years

As mentioned in the Cons, given that this Zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker requires a battery change after 4 years may lead some to choose another unit…however.

Based on all of our rice cooker research, most, if not all micro-computerized units require this change. A simple tip to keep in mind is that keeping the unit plugged in will increase the lifespan of the battery. Also note that this battery is what keeps the clock running when the unit is unplugged and can operate fine without it.

It also holds the units memory in case of a short power outage when it is cooking.

Overall, for the benefits and features, along with the quality rice it will produce makes the Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10 Cup Rice Cooker a great buy!

Price Range: High

Rice Quality: Very Good

Benefits & Features: Several

Performance: Excellent

Pros vs. Cons: Pros Outweigh Cons

Overall Rating: Very Good

Measurements: 14.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 Inches | 10 Cup Capacity (30 Cups Cooked Rice)

L-Carnitine – PhenQ Ingredient Spotlight

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I thought it would be beneficial to do a series of articles doing in-depth research of PhenQ’s main ingredients. This first article is on the benefits of L-carnitine, which is a major ingredient in PhenQ.

Let’s get into it!

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is made in the body using the amino acids lysine and methionine. These are all present in everyday foods. They are not artificial chemicals. Regardless of what your main goals are with PhenQ, there are many benefits (and many unexpected benefits) of including an L-carnitine supplement in your diet. Studies have been done on this amino acid since the late 1930s. Here is a list of the main things that l-carnitine can help with:

1. Losing Weight

This is a key ingredient to have in your diet if you are looking to lose fat in your body. L-carnitine essentially takes the fat that is present in your cells and oxidizes it so your body can produce energy. Since it produces extra energy from your fat stores, it also reduces fatigue and can serve as an appetite suppressant. It is a fantastic thing to have in your diet when you are trying to lose weight. It also helps increase your aerobic ability when you are training.

2. Muscle Mass

If you have a hard time putting on muscle, l-carnitine can contribute to your strength gains. When you gain strength you can lift heavier weights, and heavier weights mean more muscle in the long run.

3. Stronger Bones

As you get older your bones naturally get more frail, but having l-carnitine in your diet slows down naturally occurring bone loss and improves the structure of your bones by greatly reducing how often your bones renew themselves.

4. Helps with Different Heart Conditions

This is actually this supplement’s main use. It can be used to treat angina by reducing pain and discomfort. Taking l-carnitine after a heart attack has been shown to decrease the rate of future heart attacks from occurring. It has also been given to people to help with heart disease.

5. Helps Kidney Disease

Your kidneys naturally produce this amino acid, but if you suffer from kidney disease, supplement carnitine can help get your kidneys back on track by accounting for deficiencies.

6. May Increase Sperm Count

This doesn’t apply to the ladies! But if you are a male and have been trying to have children, l-carnitine may help improve the quality and count of your sperm.

7. Breast Feeding

Now it’s your turn ladies! (DISCLAIMER: It is not recommended that you take PhenQ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, stick to the actual L-carnitine supplement) Taking this supplement while you are breast feeding can replenish shortages in your body. It will help you lose that baby weight faster.

8. Type II Diabetes

Taking this amino acid increases glucose oxidation, storage, and uptake so you can manage your disease more effectively.

9. Boosts Your Immune System

As an added bonus this amino acid is an antioxidant that can prevent damage done to healthy cells by different free radicals. Take this during a cold or when you are sick to speed up recovery.

10. Brain Function

As an antioxidant, it helps prevent the brain from continued stress.  It helps the brain function longer and better.

So now you can see why PhenQ has incorporated this amazing ingredient into their patented formula. It is fantastic. So whether you try out PhenQ for fat loss, or just try out an L-carnitine supplement, you can’t go wrong!

Bedroom Comforter Sets

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Designing a bedroom can be one of the more fun rooms of the house. Because this room is not really a focal point of the house, it can become a sanctuary of its own, whether the room is a master bedroom, a child’s room or a guest room. By choosing the right bedroom comforter sets, the room can take on the chosen feel, and also, the feel can be varied with the ease of changing the comforter sets.


One great thing about comforter bedroom sets is that all the parts and pieces are there. They usually come with not only the comforter itself, but also pillow cases and shams, a dust ruffle and sometimes sheets. Whether sheets are included or not, a finished look is achieved with a comforter bedroom set. If for some reason sheets are not part of the set, either a solid matching sheet or a contrasting one will work well. Some people choose to mix patterns for a personalized look, and this does work well with a comforter bedroom set.

Another way to personalize the comforter set is to add throw pillows to the already included shams and cases. Again, this is where individualization comes into play. A conservative, traditional feel can be achieved by staying within the same style and color range, or a more fun, eclectic feel can be used by placing mismatched pillows on the comforter bedroom set. The number of pillows, the shape, style, color, and fabric all play into the look.

Some people choose to have a few different comforters in the bedroom, sets are a good way to keep them all together. Perhaps one can be specific for when guests are staying over, especially if a child’s room is also used as a guest room. Then the child’s comforter can be removed and the “guest” bedroom comforter set can be put on the bed. This keeps the guest bed fresh and from getting a used look.

Usually, comforters can be found for very reasonable prices, especially when bought in sets, which affords flexibility and not as much as commitment as buying custom pieces for the bed. If the comforter’s get worn or even just tired of, they can easily be replaced without much money or trouble when purchased as a set.

Because of the wide variety of bedroom comforter sets, different looks can be achieved to fit a mix of styles and tastes. Comforters in the bedroom add a personality and style, by using a set; ease and affordability are thrown in as well.  If you have a lot of comforter sets in your house, it might be a good idea to get a closet organizer to store them all when they are not in use.  This will give you easy access to them and help you find them more easily.

A white bedroom vanity would also go really well with a lot of these comforter sets.

Cost-effective, Designing Kids Do not Need Expensive

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Decorate childs room does not need the expensive ornaments are important because they are in harmony with the soul. Childrens rooms should be designed so that they are comfortable to rest and feel at home studying.

Decorating a childs room is not an easy matter because it did not simply choose knacks and furniture according to their needs. Here, parents also need to explore the world of their imagination in order to translate the attributes with the appropriate and safe.

Beds, desks, cabinets and furniture are the three that must exist in a childs room. All three must exist to keep their various purposes.

However, if the child has entered school age, you should take him to discuss. At this age the child would have been able to express desires, including on the theme of his room.

Then, what if your baby or toddler in preschool?

At this age, the safety of the main things you should consider before filling the room with various knick-knacks. Children aged between 1 and 5 years generally liked the bright basic colors with complex patterns. For that, you can paint the basic colors, like red, blue, and yellow for the baby room.

Taste the difference

Often times we do not realize that children are rapidly changing. So, if funds are available to decorate pretty much, the idea of painting the walls and rooms furnished with the basic color is certainly not a problem. Conversely, if the bag is thin, you can still choose neutral colors to sweep the wall of his room.

As wall hangings, you can create an image patterned murals with colors. But, if you are not expert enough to doodles, you can simply paint the walls of the empty room with a poster of his favorite characters. Do not forget, give a first understanding of these figures.

Add carpet with matching color space as a variation. Form a cozy corner with rugs and lots of pillows as their place to read or play. Here, you can also put the nearby bookcase for your childs story book was scattered mess.

Not only rugs that can be used as a variation because you also can use the play mat. You can make your own duvet cover or a blanket of thick bit later resembles a quilt stitched.

For preschool age children and toddlers, you can hang the board on the wall with a height that can reach. At this age, they certainly were happy to draw and would be better if they are drawing on the board rather than a wall.

Classic Family Room

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Family room designs vary. You can read a few reviews Ive ever written. Or if you want to listen to my writing this time about the design of family style classic. Actually very large selection of styles for family room design. One is a classic style.

Family room is no less a classic style with modern design in the living room. Even though the two styles can not be used as a comparison. Because each has a stylish design accents the style of each. More modern style leads to the impression of luxury. However classic style and the powerful impression. For those of you who likes to feel a thick art, design classic family room can be an option. Family room in the proper design will create a strong impression of intimacy. And make linger at home for just joking laughter. The design classic style family room would be more interesting if it comes with a classic style furniture, the same elements combined into one. Not only the family room decor are classic.

Family room design with classic style can be demonstrated with design drawings below. In this family room a classic impression palpable. Selection of color space, the lighting is used, until the election of a used furniture. Using a dark brown color to create a very strong impression of a classic. Then the selection of curtains are a soft beige color. Then for a set of sofas that are selected using a matching color choices. In front of the living room sofa set in for the fireplace to warm the space. Furniture that is used is equipped with a mounted painting above the fireplace. Classic furniture made of wood and carved with precision detail. This is one of the hallmarks of a classic-style design. Prioritize every detail of design.p

For those enthusiasts of classical themes to design the family room, you can appear to have little aesthetic value.

Furniture and classic feel on the inside of the family room gives the impression of higher art. Supplies furniture classic theme can be a little entertainment for lovers inner classic feel. Although impressed by the simple, classic furniture sometimes have enough price to compete with modern room furniture. Advantages are the impressions of beauty that is felt by the lover.

However for lovers of modern-themed living room design certainly needs to be adjusted to the quality of the components of interior design. Choice of motifs and quality should be majestic and is usually slightly more expensive. Similarly for furniture components, there are many kinds of furniture for living room design designed luxury. The colors are modern and luxurious you can choose for this type of furniture such as sofas, tables, cabinets, lamps and so on. Similarly motif walls, magnificent combination would look with a blend of furniture and interior components are presented with a modern theme. The modern design is clearly different from the classic style design.

So that I can review the design of a classic style family room. You can make the family room as attractive as you want. But the most important before you design your family room is that you need to know your true taste of design styles. There is no harm in exploring all your wishes and your abilities. When you create style family room design styles according to your liking, then you will feel at home for long in family room to enjoy intimacy with the family. Have fun.

Changing Rooms Children Become Teenagers

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Every person is bound to grow and undergo a process. Like children who will be time to be a teenager. When the children have become teenagers it will be many changes. One way is to design their bedroom. Since the bedroom is the most personal space.

Do not let your childs room is still filled with the atmosphere of the effects of childhood when they grow into adolescence. With a little touch of redecorating, you can change a childs room to teenage room.

To redecorate, its important for you to know, that in the teenagers room to display things according to his true identity. Because of that, look at the tastes and atmosphere of their choice in his bedroom.

Try to adjust with the nature of adolescence, namely to look different and active. Redecorate it does not mean you change the overall look of the bedroom. By maintaining the room and utilize existing furniture, decorations can be done through the selection of a customized color theme teen characters.

Well, as an idea reference, here are three examples of thematic designs through the selection of colors for teen rooms. Application of these colors produce a different impression, namely :

1. Childs room with black-gray theme

Selection of the theme of this color will give the impression of more mature and hi-tech in a childs bedroom. Color theme is suitable for teenage boys, because the character of black-gray blend creates a powerful impression of masculine in the room.

2. Childs room with a blue theme

These shades will give the impression of vast and cool on a childs bedroom. The theme of this color tend to be neutral and can be applied to boys and girls.

3. Childs room with yellow-green color theme

Selection of the theme of this color gives the impression of natural and fresh in the room. The theme color is suitable for teenage girls active and cheerful, because the character of this color combination creates a dynamic impression by yellow and green.

In addition to passing the selection of color themes, decorations also can you do through the supporting element into the room details and sweeteners. The supporting elements can include the selection of paint, wallpaper, glass accent stickers, and painting.

With give supporting elements such as wallpaper and cutting sticker on the headboard and wardrobe are expected to support the overall ambience of space. choose supporting elements according to taste and the need for secondary supporting elements, such as bed covers or painting can also be adjusted.

All-wood family room

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It is no secret that the wood can bring warmth, both visually and thermally. Therefore, the timber is able to store heat longer than other materials. In order to look different, treat the wood was as usual. If you generally use the parquet floor, try to think differently by placing it in the other interior elements.

Application of wood on the walls can make the room warmer. For example shown in the dining room in the photo. At first glance look ordinary, such as natural-style room in general. But, consider the overdraft on the wall that framed it. Parquet is placed on the wall, as is commonly done on the floor. Unusual, but unique. The lines formed by the intersection between wood create effects widen and very interesting. It fits perfectly utilized as a focus on the room.

Make it difficult, really.

If you are concerned about the cost and complex installation process, just use the parquet-patterned vinyl. You just need to paste it on the wall like papering. The impression that you want appears, expenditures could be reduced. If you want more leverage, also use wooden bar on the ceiling. Complete with dining table and chairs in the design department of natural wood. No need much coating so it looks warmer and populist.

How to display the natural ambience into the room. One of them by bringing some outdoor elements into the house. These elements can be green plants, sunlight and air to freely enter, or wood materials in furniture.

Nothing wrong if you intend to apply the concept of nature in the foyer of the house. The goal may be to give the first impression a natural and warm atmosphere. To create this atmosphere of the foyer, step easy it is to put the furniture out of wood. For example in this space. A wood buffet table is placed in the middle, flanked by two tall wooden desk as a place to put the pots. Above the buffet table is placed two copper vases and two glass vases, as an accessory. In addition, there are also two potted plants, to give the green shades in the foyer. All the accessories on display all pairs. As such all-round balanced appearance.

In the foyer, all furniture made from teak wood and left without finishing. Thus making the display look more natural wood furniture. In addition, increasingly with age, the more antique color. No need to worry easily damaged or soiled. Timber without finishing, it is relatively easier to clean.